Transversal Aramco IPO


In January 2016 Saudi Arabia announced its intention to take its national oil company, Saudi Aramco, public. Preparations for what is expected to be the largest IPO in history are being made.

Our founder, Dr. Ellen Wald, is the foremost expert on Aramco strategy and motivations. She has spent ten years researching Aramco, past and present. In this time, she has met with numerous top current and former executives of the firm. She has written extensively on the company, the motivations of its key players, and the development of its strategic vision, and she is the author of “Saudi, Inc.,” the history of Aramco and Saudi Arabia.

We guide clients and facilitate understanding of opportunities associated with the IPO. Of particular interest at this stage are:

  • judging timing and market exchange possibilities
  • breaking down the businesses and ventures of Aramco
  • analyzing factors in a valuation
  • indicating potential impediments
  • evaluating corporate culture considerations
  • identifying long-term issues

Recent Publications Concerning the Aramco IPO

  • Dr. Wald authored an authoritative look at the Aramco corporate charter (just issued in 2018 after 30 years of operating with no known legal structure). She published a report in conjunction with the independent think tank, the Arabia Foundation, that provides hints about a future for Aramco as a publicly traded firm:

Crucial Insights from the Saudi Aramco 2018 Charter

  • Dr. Wald provided a macro-view of what Aramco was, is, and could become for the April, 2018 edition of Modern Trader:

Saudi Aramco IPO Would Be Huge